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Legislative Development 
with the Carcross/Tagish First Nation Family Council
2015 - 2016
CLIENTCarcross/Tagish First Nation

Social Innovation Consulting was hired by C/TFN to advance their work on new legislation for children and families. We worked with C/TFN's Family Council to run a series of workshops based on real-life scenarios or live cases. The purpose was to “field-test” the legislation.


We developed a detailed scenario, with roles played by participants. The scenario took a “child welfare case” from initial reporting to restoration of family functioning through a values-based community process that involved families, Clans, the Family Council and the Courts. 

In my experience, when Thomas is facilitating, even the quietest person in the room ends up participating meaningfully. Our citizens look forward to spending time and working with Thomas. I believe that the work He has done for C/TFN citizens will benefit them for generations to come.”

Beverley Sembsmoen, C/TFN Implementation Official

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