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It's really nice that we have the openness between all of us. No one's going to criticize or judge you. That's what pulls us all together—knowing we all have a voice." 


Ernie Richard, Program Co-Founder and C/TFN Citizen

2014 - 2016

CLIENTCarcross/Tagish First Nation

This project was about “skills for building, skills for life”. Most of all it was about a group of men coming together to support each other to move forward with their lives, and leave a legacy of good for their whole community. 


Thomas was contracted by the Carcross/Tagish First Nation to design the project, build a support team, recruit and hire instructors, guide the implementation of the project, and conduct an evaluation. A group of 14 men built seven cabins for use at the Skookum Jim Cultural Camp, and at other locations for Lands Monitors to stay in. As with the Tiny Houses Program (see above) the philosophy was to combine the delivery of employment, social and educational supports into a creative, community-based experience. 

The Log Cabins Project

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