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Thomas Shepherd, President

Thomas Shepherd was born and raised a stones throw from where the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers meet. This partly explains his passion for rivers and fishing. 


Thomas grew up in a family that was focused on using human potential to create community, justice and wellbeing for all people. His parents taught him to respect and honour everyone regardless of their economic or social status. He was privileged to have mentors like Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche International.


Thomas spent the first decade of his career working in the field of social policy and program development in Ottawa. He left Ottawa for Whitehorse in 2009 in search of better fishing grounds, and to immerse himself in a new work environment—self-government and development of Indigenous communities. Thomas is most happy when he’s helping a group of people come together, find common ground and take action to better their community. He is married to Mara Pollock, his wife and lawyer, and is father to Ella and Sadie. 

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