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Transforming Lateral Violence LEVEL 1: FOUNDATIONS Workshop

Transforming Lateral Violence


This is our introductory workshop on Transforming Lateral Violence. Gain the foundational knowledge you need to become a confident and capable force for transforming Lateral Violence into Lateral Kindness. We will provide you with information and skills that are directly relevant to Indigenous workplaces and communities in Canada’s North.


We use a range of techniques to make room for different styles of learning: Presentations; Videos; Discussion; Demonstrations; Role Plays; Exercises and more. Our emphasis is on engaging participants to take back their power to make a difference.

What does this workshop offer?

  • Definitions of Lateral Violence and Lateral Kindness​.

  • Historical knowledge of the roots of Lateral Violence​.


  • Research on the psychological theory behind bullying behaviours.


  • Multiple videos on Lateral Violence created by and for Indigenous people and their allies.


  • Opportunities to connect with other people facing similar challenges and build your community of practice.


  • Re-enactments of real-life scenarios of Lateral Violence to demonstrate effective bystander roles.


  • Opportunities to develop and discuss scenarios of Lateral Violence from your own experience.


  • Learn about evidence-based solutions and begin practicing effective bystander interventions.


  • Experience a fun, comfortable and empowering environment where everyone’s skills and abilities are valued.


Who should register?


  • Management and staff members working in Indigenous governments and organizations.


  • Members of leadership teams and councils.


  • Anyone working in collaboration with Indigenous governments or organizations.


  • Anyone looking to become a positive force for change in their workplace, family or community.


  • Anyone who has taken this workshop before and wants to do a refresher before Level 2 (recommended).

DURATION ~ 2 days

9 am - 4:30 pm

T-SHIRTS ~ Graduates will receive one of our Lateral Kindness T-shirts.

CERTIFICATE ~ Graduates will receive a Certificate of Graduation.

GROUP SAVINGS ~ If you hire us to do more than one workshop you will receive a discount. Please inquire about our discounts.

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