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Transforming Lateral Violence LEVEL 2: ADVANCED Workshop

Transforming Lateral Violence


ThIs is an advanced workshop for anyone who is looking to further develop and test their skills in dealing with situations of Lateral Violence, whether at work or in the community. 


After doing a quick review of fundamental concepts, the majority of this workshop will focus on demonstrating and practicing effective methods to prevent, intervene and follow-up on actual cases of Lateral Violence. The workshop also focuses on how you can develop the personal strength, courage and resilience to take action. 



If you need any assistance registering,
please email us or call 867-689-5084.

What does this workshop offer?


  • Theoretical foundations and research on effective methods of intervening in situations of Lateral Violence.


  • Tools and strategies for developing the personal strength to take action as a bystander, target or aggressor. 


  • Methods for releasing negative energy or stress after experiencing Lateral Violence. 


  • Opportunities to examine personal issues and challenges that may be preventing you from setting clear boundaries.


  • Facilitator demonstrations of Lateral Violence and how to effectively intervene when it happens.


  • Facilitator demonstrations of how to express and build Lateral Kindness in a safe and productive way.


  • Opportunities to develop your own scenarios and practice effective intervention tools and strategies. 


  • Information on long-term strategies for individuals, employers and communities.


Who is this workshop for?


  • Anyone who has taken Transforming Lateral Violence (Level 1: Foundations) or the equivalent.


  • The workshop is geared toward people who want to develop high-level skills for dealing with situations of Lateral Violence.

DURATION ~ 3 days

9 am - 4:30 pm

T-SHIRTS ~ Graduates will receive one of our Lateral Kindness T-shirts.

CERTIFICATE ~ Graduates will receive a Certificate of Graduation.

GROUP SAVINGS ~ If you hire us to do more than one workshop you will receive a discount. Please inquire about our discounts.

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