Building Positive Workplace Relationships



The relationships we have in the workplace have a huge impact on our job satisfaction, quality of life and productivity. This fact has been proven through extensive research. 


This workshop presents existing knowledge and research on what constitutes a positive workplace relationship, why they matter to individuals and organizations, and what can be done to foster them. The workshop is an opportunity to better understand your current workplace relationships and how you can reshape them to maximize your employment potential.

What does this workshop offer?


  • Theoretical foundations and research on what constitutes a positive workplace relationship.


  • Opportunities to map out and analyze past work relationships and the factors which influenced them.


  • Self-understanding of what it’s like to relate to you in the workplace, and why you are the way you are.


  • Knowledge and tools on how to balance empathy for others with the need to set clear boundaries around you. 


  • Strategies for improving your current workplace relationships so that you achieve your potential for advancement and job satisfaction.


  • Targeted strategies for relationships with supervisors, colleagues and subordinates.


Who is this workshop for?


  • Anyone who is employed and wants to have a positive and rewarding work life.


  • Leaders and Managers who want to create a work environment that leads to good relationships among staff members.

DURATION ~ 1 day

9 am - 4:30 pm

T-SHIRTS ~ Graduates will receive one of our Lateral Kindness T-shirts.

CERTIFICATE ~ Graduates will receive a Certificate of Graduation.

GROUP SAVINGS ~ If you hire us to do more than one workshop you will receive a discount. Please inquire about our discounts.

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